Secondary Services

We offer consulting services, long-term relationships, and technology to help you maximize your gain on sale. 


Consulting Services

Secondary Process Review

We will perform a complete review of your secondary processes including pricing, rate locks, lock management, hedging, loan delivery, and more.  We create a roadmap for you for long-term secondary success.

Agency Approval

The application process to become approved with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae can be difficult.  Blue Loans secondary experts can step-in and manage your application process from A to Z.

Secondary Outsourcing

Outsourced Secondary Manager

 You have a good team in place, but they may not have the secondary market experience to give you confidence that they can consistently manage all of the risks.  Our secondary market experts can serve as your secondary market manager at a lower cost than bringing secondary expertise on-staff.

Outsourced Secondary Department

If you are looking to make your costs variable, talk to us about outsourcing all of your secondary processes including hedging, lock desk services, and pricing services.


Secondary Manager Control Center

Our Secondary Manager on-line platform is a comprehensive control center for all of your secondary activity.  It gives your team the tools and data they need to maximize your gains and your efficiency.

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